Docksal gets a Training

In July of last year I started a new job as a developer with a new agency. During my first week, in between meetings, HR trainings, and all the other fun things that happen during onboarding, I was introduced to the preferred local development environment that was being used on most of the projects.

Damn you, DEV-MASTER!

Why Would One Use a Dev-Master Branch?

We've all done it, especially in the Drupal world. We've searched and searched for that perfect contrib module that does almost everything we need. When we find it, we rejoice, only to find out that there's no alpha, beta, release-candidate, or stable release available.

Drupal-Check, Site Factory, and Acquia BLT, OH MY!

The Backstory

I was fortunate enough to attend DrupalCon Seattle this year, as well as give a presentation on mental health in tech, but one of the key topics of DrupalCon was Drupal 9 readiness. Dries mentioned it several times in the Driesnote and we even had some contribution efforts specific to Drupal 9 readiness at MidCamp 2019.