This is Me Asking for Help

Hi everyone, I'm JD. You may know me from such events as MidCamp, Design4Drupal, BADCamp, TCDrupal, and many more as the guy who talks openly in front of people about my mental illnesses and my personal mission to open up the conversation about mental illness in the tech community.

Made it Through MidCamp 2018!

Third Time's a Charm

A few years ago I went to my first actual attempt at a Drupal community event.  I was interested in a Headless Drupal training being held in Minneapolis at Twin Cities Drupal Camp.  Prior to heading that way, I put out a tweet looking for people from the Chicago area who might also be there and I got a few responses from a couple members of the Chicago community w

A Post About Mental Health

I Suffer From Mental Health Issues

That is probably the hardest thing for someone with mental health issues to say.  It was (and still is) extremely hard for me to admit it, especially to myself, but it's true.  I have mental health issues.